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85 Burger_WELL DONE-130
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Current Price$3,199,999 USD
Vessel TypeMotor Yacht
LocationFort Lauderdale , Florida , United States
Hull MaterialAluminum
LOA84' (25.6m)
Beam20' 7"
Engine ManufacturerCaterpillar
Engine Model3412E
Engine Count2
Engine Year0
Fuel Capacity5520 Gal
Max Speed21 Knots
Propulsion TypeV-Drive

Motor Yacht WELL DONE

Forward Fuel Tank 1201 U.S. Gallons

Mid Fuel Tank 1717 U.S. Gallons 

Port Aft Fuel Tank 865 U.S. Gallons 

Starboard Aft Fuel Tank 869 U.S. Gallons 

Day Tank 867 U.S. Gallons 

Total Gallons of fuel = 5,519 U.S. Gallons 

Waste oil 50 U.S. Gallons 

Clean oil 70 U.S. Gallons 

Freshwater 782 U.S. Gallons 

Grey Water 280 U.S. Gallons 

Blackwater 560 U.S. Gallons 

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