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Spirit of Elijah

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Current Price($9,117,964 USD est.) £7,200,000 GBP
Vessel TypeMotor Yacht
LocationN/A , N/A , Singapore
Hull MaterialGRP
LOA99' 11" (30.45m)
Beam23' 2"
Engine ManufacturerMTU
Engine ModelMTU 2000 M94
Engine Count2
Engine Year0
Fuel Capacity12200 L (3222.9 Gal)
Max Speed
Propulsion Type

Motor Yacht Spirit of Elijah

  • Twin MTU 2000 M94 (2 x 2,640 MHP) Diesel Engines.
  • Flybridge Round table with custom Princess 40M style aft lounging seats 
  • Exquisite mix of precious Onyx, marble, exotic woods, and fabrics
  • Gearbox with autotroll function and engine with trailing pumps 
  • Virtual reality and custom audio-visual entertainment 
  • Highest spec and customised 30M built 
  • Airconditioned flybridge and aft cockpit 
  • Bespoke Maccassar Ebony interior
  • Upgraded TRAC 16x fin stabiliser 
  • Stainless steel freshwater tank
  • Upgraded 2 x 50kw generator 
  • Extended long range tank

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«When things weren't working out with my previous Yacht Broker, a friend of mine suggested that I contact Yacht Access to sell my Sea Ray. I contacted Dan Paolillo at Yacht Access and there was absolutely no pressure. After our initial conversation Dan followed up with a list of comparable vessels recently sold and a list of similar vessels currently available with asking prices. After looking over the information we decided on an asking price and within 90 days Dan had my yacht under contract. Two weeks later it was sold. Since then we've kept in close touch and will hopefully be closing on my next vessel soon. After no success selling my 48' Sea Ray Sedan Bridge with my previous broker, calling Yacht Access was the best decision I ever made. I would encourage anyone looking to buy or sell to contact these professionals.»

— Duncan - Wilmington, NC

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